About RedXDefense

Founded in 2005 with Corporate Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, RedXDefense is focused on novel security solutions that address the unique needs of law enforcement, homeland defense, military and businesses.

The company has successfully productized various technologies into field-ready systems. RedX products range from our field-proven ruggedized, portable, trace explosive detectors that are ideally suited for hard-use military applications to our lightweight, hand-held units that detect narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue.

Our Mission

… our mission is to become the leading provider of innovative security solutions. In so doing, we will build a successful business that contributes to the safety of people and facilities both at home and abroad.

Our Core Business

… our core business is to develop, produce, sell and support fully integrated security systems. These RedXDefense systems will employ creative, cost-effective solutions that effectively address the security challenges faced by the military forces, police and civilian populations of the world.

Our Corporate Headquarters

RedX’s corporate headquarters in Rockville, MD is a complete design, prototyping and production facility. The facility includes office and meeting space, a prototype and high-bay area, state-of-the art chemical synthesis and test capabilities as well as electrical and mechanical assembly workstations.

Our Leadership Team

RedX leadership oversees a team of engineers, scientists, sales, business and finance professionals with the experience and capabilities to manage complex projects and usher new projects from concept to prototype to product.